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Andre Abujamra | Omindá project

Son of Antonio Abujamra, one of the greatest directors and actors of Brazilian theater, André Abujamra has the talent to play with the established order of things, coming up with new ways of looking at and approaching life and art. He has established himself amongst the great creative artists of Brazil. Multi artist, André is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, percussionist, pianist, record producer, actor and theater and film director.

One of his strongest characteristics is the search for the unknown, the peculiar and  the diverse. In the concert/ movie OMINDÁ - O Encontro das Almas do Mundo pelas Águas this feature is one of the highlights. In a mix of theater, music and cinema, with the participation of an orchestra composed of musicians from various backgrounds and influences, the concert is designed to suggest many reflections and has the intention to connect cultures and different places, having in common the motto : The Waters and the connection of human lives and union of all peoples of the world by Them.



We would like to introduce the new musical project of Brazilian artist André Abujamra OMINDÁ - Encontro das Almas do Mundo pelas Águas (Omindá - The Meeting of the Souls of The World By the Waters) to you. 

The project has the participation of artists from 13 countries (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Russia, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Mali, India, Jordania, Czech Republic, United States and Japan) and the audiovisual record is being released on multiple platforms available (streaming, cd album, youtube channel, concert, documentary for TV and internet). The journey stared in September of 2016 and was release is in March of 2018 in São Paulo - Brazil. andre abujamra ominda

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

The guest artists in the OMINDÁ project

International guest artists

The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices (Bulgaria), Zaza Fournier (France), Ballaké Sissoko (Mali), Maria de Medeiros (Portugal), Sasha Vista (Russia), Oki Kano (Japan), Perota Chingó - Julia Ortiz and Dolores Aguirre and Mintcho Garrammone (Argentina),  Martin Buscaglia (Uruguay), The City of Prage Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic), Rishab Prasanna and Sharat Srivastava (India). 

Brazilian guest artists

Marcos Suzano, Ricardo Vignini, Trupe Chá de Boldo, Maurício Pereira, Ritchie, Paulinho Moska, Andrea dos Santos, Anelis Assumpção, Xis, José Abujamra, Roberta Estrela D'Alva, Theo Werneck and Cecilia Bernardes.