Xangô Parô | Omindá

Music and lyrics -  Andre Abujamra, Anelis Assumpção,  Maurício Pereira, Martin Buscaglia, Mintcho Garrammone.

O Mar | Omindá

Music and lyricis - Andre Abujamra

Omindá - The Meeting of the Souls of The World By the Waters

Directed to Andre Abujamra and Mauro Nascimento (English subtitles).

The documentary depicts an 11-year work by musician André Abujamra, who traveled the world to meet artists from other countries. With water as the central theme, the project promoted the celebration of diversity by showing different cultures and traditions. The film presents the origin of the idea of Omindá and the relation of the artists with the water. 

Subtitles in  English